Keynote Speaker & Facilitator

Glenn is available as a Keynote Speaker and Facilitator for workshops tailored to your practice or company’s needs. Topics include:

Coaching & Practice Advising

One of the quickest ways to significant results is to utilize Glenn as your Practice Advisor and Coach. As a practice advisor, Glenn will hold you accountable to implementing systems for self-management, client and staff development.

Partnership Compensation Strategies

An in-depth look at the myriad of compensation plans and metrics with a focus on a plan that ensures a sustainable and profitable future for both the firm and the partners who build it.

Creating a Crisis-Free Work Zone

Learn how to proactively manage clients, staff, and the demands of running a legal business without them managing you.

Working Smarter -- Not Harder

Learn strategies for increasing your client value, being selective with your clients and staff, and shaping expectations of those who use your services.

How to Increase Productivity, Decrease Stress, & Still Go Home on Time

Learn the 7 Steps to re-engineering your law firm and develop the business skills they didn’t teach you in law school. Learn how to make the best use of your time and still fuel your passion both personally and professionally. One of the biggest mistakes attorneys make is hiring poorly. Although you can’t remove all the risk in the hiring process, you can hire with purpose and clarity. Having an “A” Team with the right chemistry, competencies and character is a sure way to increase profitability and practice satisfaction.

The Psychology of Marketing

Learn the rudiments of good rainmaking. Glenn will break down the psychological barriers that often derail good networking habits. Market in ways that suit your personality and your practice without succumbing to discouragement or unnecessary demands on your time or budget.

The Art of Effective Communication in the Work Place

Learn how to make meetings shorter and more effective, confrontation more productive and increase the overall effectiveness of “A” Team communication.

How Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers

An intensive look at building systems for effective client development. Learn basic and advanced marketing systems that work with the smallest to the largest firms. Leave with a complete marketing plan that will map your way to more and better-quality referrals.

The Art of Growing Your Practice

Glenn will assist you in clarifying your firm culture and identify ways to support your professional and personal visions. Many firms do not grow simply because there are no clear goals or objectives. Great lawyers don’t grow firms; great attorneys who work ON their practice do!

The Disciplines of Marketing

Learn the 21 Assets and 5 habits of great rainmakers and develop a plan for becoming a master rainmaker. This workshop (1-day minimum) includes step by step instruction on building marketing systems, accountability measures, tracking systems, and client development strategies for ramping up your firm’s marketing plan.

Navigating Your Way Forward: Strategic Planning

Not your ordinary strategic planning retreat. Identify firm culture, core values and clarify objectives for your 1, 3, 10 and 20 year plan. Leave with a firm-specific strategic road-map and action plans to achieve your objectives.

Succession Planning

Looking at the alternatives for your succession, including practice valuation, succession strategies and timelines, emergency exit plans, associate development, and training strategies. Every attorney in his or her 40’s should be planning now.

Formulating Your Exit Strategy

A step by step process for laying out a clear exit strategy whether you are a solo practitioner or one of the partners. This workshop provides a thorough look at the personal and professional needs of attorneys looking to wind things down or committed to building a practice that outlives them!

Providing Client Experiences that Transform Lives

Learn how to increase your value to the best clients. Identify ways to enhance the client experience with your services and your office. Learn the value of meeting felt needs in an Experience Economy.

Dominating Your Market

Glenn will walk you through the ensuing challenges in the legal profession and the changing landscape of practicing law. You will learn what steps you might take to strengthen your practice and the entrepreneurial muscle necessary for innovation and dominating your market.