“Glenn has transformed the way I view my law firm and myself. Equal parts coach, colleague, mentor and friend, Glenn has led me to discover truths about my law firm and myself that had to be faced to grow and prosper. He is insightful, direct and dead on. I recommend Glenn enthusiastically to anyone who is serious about taking their practice to the next level.”

Mindy Zoghlin, Partner, The Zoghlin Group, PLLC

“I decided to work with Atticus due to a change in the workers’ compensation law and the conclusion that I would eventually lose about 40% of my practice as a result of not taking these types of cases anymore. Atticus assisted me in devising a game plan to market personal injury cases more aggressively by forcing me to be more organized and by holding me accountable to my adviser to meet my marketing and financial goals.”

David A. May, Personal Injury Law, Altamonte Springs, FL

“Atticus has been a great catalyst for my career. It has taught me some valuable lessons that I do not believe I would have obtained elsewhere.”

Jonathan L. Hay, Estate Planning Law, Jacksonville, FL

“Glenn is an outstanding business consultant, in additional to being a real expert, who delivers great results for good value, he is very personable and has the highest integrity. He has become an essential component of our law practice, consulted on all major (and many apparently not major) decisions related to the administration of our law firm. It’s a privilege to work with him. Any law firm our size, 9-14 lawyers, absolutely needs to work with a consultant like Glenn.”

Robert Allen Sr., Partner and President at Robert Allen Law