“I suggest that you speak with Glenn and TRUST that if you follow what Glenn suggests you will make more money—enjoy your practice more—and most importantly get your personal and family life back.”

Anthony R. DeChello, DeChello Law Firm LLC

“Glenn has transformed the way I view my law firm and myself. Equal parts coach, colleague, mentor and friend, Glenn has led me to discover truths about my law firm and myself that had to be faced to grow and prosper. He is insightful, direct and dead on. I recommend Glenn enthusiastically to anyone who is serious about taking their practice to the next level.”

Mindy Zoghlin, Partner, The Zoghlin Group, PLLC

“Atticus has been a great catalyst for my career. It has taught me some valuable lessons that I do not believe I would have obtained elsewhere.”

Jonathan L. Hay, Estate Planning Law, Jacksonville, FL